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On 31/8/12 I decided to check out the rspca website to see if they are selling my protected native wildlife they stole from my property after their unlawful trespassing on my property on 10/8/12.

When I cleaned out my aviaries after the rspca ripped my wildlife out of their aviaries, on 10/8/12 there was blood all over the aviaries that I had to clean and scrub out.

I clicked on ‘adopt-a-pet’ link, then clicked on ‘.To view the animals currently awaiting adoption please here.’ link that sent me to another page where I clicked on ‘birds’ from a drop down menu, and sure enough, they are selling a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that they named ‘Varric’ that could belong to Wildlife Carers Group.

The Cockatoo looks quite alarmed and frightened in their displayed photo, as shown below, and is clearly not a happy bird with the rspca, who stripped him from his friends.

This is what they write about the Cockatoo with the rspca’s photo of the bird that they are selling below:

“A little bit about me

Varric is a timid cocky, and not really a hands on bird, just not raised that way. This gorgeous bird needs to go to a home that would provide a large ineresting aviary, and because he is not going to have human interaction the aviary needs to provide lots of play things and natural native branches and things to chew on and destroy to stop boredom from setting in, I’m sure he would love to hear you talk to him often even if he doesn’t seem interested. Not sure of age but remember cockatoos live for a very long time and are a big commitment. Varric would also be an ideal companion for another cockatoo.”

Stolen Cockatoo from Wildlife Carers Group by the rspca? – Varric being sold by the rspca

It is unfortunate that I didn’t check the rspca website earlier to check on the rest of my wildlife stolen by the rspca when they unlawfully entered my property on 10/8/12.

The rspca don’t even know how to sex the Cockatoo where they write in the ‘Sex’ column ‘Unknown’.

This prompted me to send an online message to the rspca from their website on 31/8/12 when I wrote:

‘Is the white cockatoo Varric you are selling on your website one of the stolen cockatoos that you stole from my property on 10 August 2012 when you unlawfully trespassed onto my property and then defamed me with your vicious lies to the Canberra Times that appeared in Saturday’s Canberra Times on 11/8/12.

You are not permitted to kill or sell any of my wildlife; you are going to have to ensure that they are all returned to me.

We are not here for you to profit from us.

People do not take wildlife to you for you to profit from them and to sell them.

We paid for the phone calls the rescue the treatments and the care.

You are required to immediately reply to me by emailing wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au.

The public take wildlife to the rspca for the same reason they bring them to me and to Wildlife Carers Group, to be rehabilitated, to be given proper treatment and to be cared for, if unreleasable, to be kept as companions for new incoming wildlife and to assist in training the public or to give talks to assist in identification, etc.

I couldn’t find any price tags on the wildlife the rspca are selling, but I’m sure it is a hefty price, since the rspca are there only to profit from animals/wildlife.

The rspca are also selling a Princess Parrot.

I wonder who they stole the Princess Parrot from.


TV News reported on 31/8/12 that the Greens Party MLA Caroline Le Couteur has announced that they will give the rspca $1million for animal welfare if they get re-elected in the October elections.

After everything that has happened to me and to Wildlife Carers Group, and my wildlife, the government torturing kangaroos to death with no one terminated from their jobs and prosecuted, as far as we know, etc, isn’t that a slap in the face for our protected native wildlife and animals here in the ACT.

Giving the rspca $1million is not going to help our animals welfare, the rspca will continue to abuse animals/wildlife, kill if they can’t sell it, kill if they have a personality clash, kill if they don’t like it, demand that they are taken off the wildlife rehabilitation licence if they don’t like it because they have no expertise knowledge or understanding in wildlife, wildlife habitat, conservation, the ecosystem, the kangaroos will continue to be tortured to death, in short, animal cruelty will continue under the rspca and the government and their government department TAMS.

By the way, Michael Linke, the highly over waged unqualified rspca CEO, who is paid by you the taxpayer, was not happy with the offer, he wanted much more.

You can expect no changes or improvements in ending animal cruelty, ending the wildlife abuse, violence and unlawful killing, ending the unlawful trespassing and stealing of wildlife by the government, the rspca and the police in the ACT if the Greens Party get re-elected.

The Greens Party have not offered me a Public apology with the order that my wildlife are to be immediately returned to me. They are fully aware of what has happened.  I spoke with Caroline Le Couteur at the last GetUp meeting when she said she would be contacting TAMS, then she digressed and said she would be writing to the Chief/TAMS Minister.

I still don’t have my wildlife back, and I still haven’t received  a public apology.

If the Labor Party don’t immediately offer me a public apology and order my wildlife to be returned alive to me, and the licence debacle fixed as per my conditions, then we will know that nothing will change if the Labor Party gets re-elected either.

What do the Liberal Party, and other Parties have to say about these unsavioury matters?

I Would appreciate feedback on what the Liberal Party and other Parties will do about these situations if they are elected.


The dog reported a number of times that is subject to animal cruelty and an uncontrolled dog belonging to 15 Drysdale Cct Kambah that the rspca refused to seize, and TAMS also refused to seize as an uncontrolled dog saga continues.  The owner of now 2 dogs has a long history of animal cruelty and well known to the rspca as well for his acts of animal cruelty, who was kept under surveillance for some time, and yet the rspca still refused to seize his 1 dog, that has now multiplied to 2 dogs, when he had his pig hunting dogs, ripping each other apart, refusing to pay a vet to sew his seriously injured dogs up, he sewed them up himself without anaesthetic, torturing his dogs, as one by one they were killed by serious infections through the owner unlawfully sewing them up himself using non sterile equipment, and pigs, and let’s not forget how cruel pig hunting using dogs are to the pigs as well.

Photo of black dog taken 31/8/12 in the dreadful freezing cold 2% rain, hail, snow that came down seconds after this photo was taken with the poor dog left on the back of the truck exposed, with no shelter, no food, no water, with the truck parked on the road dangerously so his dog can get killed by oncoming traffic with someone else who drives around the blind bend from behind the back of the truck.

This photo was taken on 13/8/12, and as you can see not only has his 1st dog been left with him for ongoing abuse, he has been allowed to register a 2nd dog, so that he can abuse 2 dogs with his truck parked on the road with both of the dogs left on the back of his truck with no shelter, no food and no water hoping both of his dogs get killed on the back of the truck parked dangerously on the road. The 2nd dog howls and barks and is not a happy dog either.

I sent this email to DAS (the dog pound) on the same day with the above photo:

Good afternoon,

Further to my previous emails, my phone call to you about his second dog, I have attached a photo taken today 13/8/12 showing you his 2 dogs kept on the back of the truck yue 022 parked dangerously and illegally on the road, causing an obstruction, endangering the dogs lives, and of course people’s lives, but clearly public safety is of no concern to you, being abused by this long term of 30 years reoffending dog offender, dog abuse, animal cruelty.

You claim that animal welfare is not your concern.

When you receive visual photographic evidence of animal cruelty, uncontrolled/ROAMING dog, then before you allow the same reoffending dog offender to register a 2nd dog, animal welfare should play a serious part in your assessment on who can have a 2nd dog.

The new 2nd dog is howling and barking, clearly not a happy dog.

I refer you to previous emails and photos sent.

We require you to seize both dogs from this property at 15 Drysdale Cct Kambah to prevent any further abuse to the dogs.



Founding President


Of course even though Parking Operations and Roads ACT are paid to place top priority on public safety, public safety isn’t parking operations or roads ACT concern either as they allow this truck to be permanently parked dangerously on the road on, before, near or after blind bends, roundabouts, causing an obstruction with drivers being forced to drive unlawfully on the wrong side of the road in the narrow circuit who refuse to book him, and refuse to display ‘no parking’ signs throughout the small circuit to keep him in his driveway that is mostly empty.

Wildlife Carers Group has contacted both the rspca and das (domestic animal services – dog pound) to seize the dog from 15 Drysdale Cct Kambah, and requested that they work together to seize the dog.

The rspca came out and saw the dog, and agreed with Wildlife Carers Group that the dog was underweight, saw that the dog was inhumanely kept on the back of the truck, uncontrolled, parked dangerously on the road, and yet still refused to seize the dog that is shown in the attached photo no.3 dated 21/5/12. The dog did not remain on the back of the truck. The owner went away and left the dog there, which is why the rspca could not speak with him, and yet all they did was leave a note on his door, and leave the dog there so that he can continue to commit acts of animal cruelty.

DAS was also requested to come out and seize the dog, but refused to.

As you are all aware, the ongoing reports of animal cruelty and the uncontrolled dog went ignored, and as the email dated 13 August 2012, above for your information showed, the reoffending dog offender was allowed to register a 2nd dog to abuse and to use as a harassing dog, cause an animal nuisance, with double the trouble using and abusing 2 dogs in the attached photo dated 13/8/12.

Attached Photo dated 21/4/12, shows the roaming dog defecating on private/public land, other photos were sent that were clearer so that DAS could identify the dog when the owner went away for 3 days, kicked the dog out into the street and left the dog to fend for itself.

The dog from this property was also reported last year for animal cruelty left on the back of the truck in a 30 degree heat with no food and water. Please click on this link and go to “Dog Cruelty in the ACT” article: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/wildlife-carers-group-commended-tweed-heads-magpie-saved-animal-welfare-wildlife-carers-group-donation-certificate-sponsorship-for-radio-ad-to-expose-pig-factory-farming-special-childrens-x/

While the rspca abuse your taxpayers money from their government funding and your donations to them to falsely defame people like myself, harass us, and steal properly cared for wildlife in my care, that we protect from the rspca and the government, and their government department TAMS from their death sentence, and who try to shut down groups like myself who genuinely protect wildlife and domestic animals, both wildlife and domestic animals suffer in the hands of the rspca, who refuse to seize dog cruelty cases such as this one, but will unlawfully trespass on private property and steal properly cared for wildlife from people like me, the violent unlawful killing will never stop, the unlawfull killing by the rspca will never stop, and animals and wildlife will never be given the chance to their right to live.

Animals have to be given to suitable homes for FREE to prevent unlawful killing of healthy animals. The everyday unnecessary killing of animals and wildlife is animal cruelty.

If the rspca cannot make money out of the animal, they will face a death sentence under the rspca.

Not only do the rspca know absolutely nothing about wildlife, they know absolutely nothing about domestic animals, or understand them and their rights to their space, to know when to back off and leave them alone.

If you want to help save animals and help save and protect our protected wildlife, boycott the rspca.

Your money, your free advertising for them, will only be abused and used to falsely slander the names, such as mine, who provide proper care and treatment to wildlife, who respond to animal cruelty complaints, with no government funding, who dip into our pockets to end animal cruelty, and to enforce the wildlife protection laws.

As you are aware, all uncontrolled dogs are unpredictable, and are a danger to people, other animals, wildlife and to themselves, and that it only takes a split second for a dog to attack a person, another animal, wildlife.



Wildlife Carers Group responded to this email from GetUp that I have copied and pasted as it was sent to me, if you can assist please click on the links:

‘From: GetUp!
To: wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au
Sent: Friday, 31 August 2012 12:13 PM
Subject: It’s here.


It’s here.

At 2:34pm yesterday the world’s second largest super trawler docked in Australia, despite having no license to fish in our waters and facing massive community opposition. It can fish with nets whose mouth stretches up to 100 meters high, 200m meters wide and 600m long – that’s longer than the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It vacuums up everthing in its way killing dolphins, seals, migratory sea birds and other protected species.

But, there’s one person who has the power and authority to stop the super trawler from plundering our seas: Federal Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig. Despite this issue being on the agenda for weeks, he’s been dragging his heels and advised media on Tuesday that he was yet to make a decision one way or another on the super trawler. Let’s help him decide!

With your help an ad which shows the shocking by-catch of a super trawler can be run on Monday in The Australian, to show Joe Ludwig that Australians will not accept the super trawler’s impact on our marine life:


Almost 78,000 people have signed the petition to stop the super trawler, begun by GetUp member Rebecca Hubbard on GetUp’s new community campaigning tool, CommunityRun.org. As people come to understand the incredible damage the super trawler will do in Australian seas, they are moved to action.

The shocking photo in this ad, provided by our friends at Greenpeace, was taken by a fisheries researcher whilst on board another Dutch-owned super trawler fishing off Mauritania in 2006. It’s a stark and shocking reminder that super trawlers, with their enormous nets, are designed to catch everything it their path.

The target species the ship wants are mackrel and redbait but there is no proven way to stop seals, dolphins and other marine life getting trapped and crushed in the enoroumous net. Scientists also say that the 18,000 tonnes of fish the trawler could be allowed to catch is far too high and based on outdated information – concluding there is not a scientific case to allow the trawler to fish in Australian waters.

The person who has responsibility to stop the super trawel is the Fisheries Minister, Joe Ludwig.

Each of us can help make Joe Ludwig’s decison a lot easier by making sure the implications of his decison are widely known. Can you chip in to get this ad in The Australian?


This issue is at a tipping point: it could go either way. But we know that when, as a community movement, we get behind great campaigns like this one started by Rebecca on CommunityRun.org we have the people power to win!

Thanks for being part of this,
The GetUp team.’

After Wildlife Carers Group donated we received this:


Thanks for donating to help get this ad in the The Australian on Monday. Don’t forget to grab a copy on Monday to see the ad you helped make possible. We’ll keep you updated on Minister Ludwig’s decision when it’s made.

Can you take a minute to share this with your friends and family? Share this on Twitter, Facebook and by email using our handy tool on the right.

We did share this on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Unlike the rspca who make you the taxpayers pay heavily for everything they do, who never pay for anything, donations etc out of their own pockets, Wildlife Carers Group donation was NOT paid by you the taxpayers, it was paid by me out of my own pocket.

You can also sign the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s petition that I have already signed twice on behalf of Wildife Carers Group to help stop the super trawler:

Dear Nora

In less than three weeks, there’s a blockbuster hitting our shores that you don’t want to see. It’s super-sized, super-destructive and its trail of devastation is coming to an ocean near you!
One of the world’s largest fishing boats, the Dutch-owned FV Margiris, has just finished fishing out the waters off West Africa, where it hammered already-exploited fish stocks and left it even harder for local fishers to catch fish. Now, an Australian Fishing company, Seafish Tasmania, want this factory trawler to plunder for small fish that are critical to marine ecosystems in waters off Tasmania.
Ironically, after the fish are caught they’ll be sold to African countries for human consumption for a measly $1/kg.


It’s difficult to fathom the size of this giant vessel – at 142 metres long and nearly 9500 tonnes it makes most Australian fishing boats look like bath toys. A floating factory and freezer, it can process over 240 tonnes (that’s 240,000 kilograms) of fish PER DAY and can store 6.2 MILLION kilograms of fish cargo. But the devouring net of the super trawler won’t just catch small fish. Dolphins, seals and seabirds will likely be accidental victims of this massive trawler. The ‘excluder devices’ designed to protect threatened species are in no way guaranteed to work for a net this size.
Even the species spared from the net will feel the destruction of this factory trawler. The small fish it scoops up are a vital food source for critically endangered southern bluefin tuna, rare marine mammals, seabirds and other big fish that are important ecologically, as well as to recreational and other commercial fishers.

Our Ministers for fisheries and the environment have the power to prevent this industrial super trawler operating in Australian waters, but they need to hear you don’t want it here. Opposition is growing but we need to make our voices louder. We need to speak up. We must convince them to turn this boat around.
The impacts of this decision go beyond this single fishery. Please make your voice heard and send a quick message to Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig and Environment Minister Tony Burke here…

Wildlife Carers Group also signed petitions for PETA to help stop Animal Cruelty committed to animals at UTMB:

An insider at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) has blown the whistle on animal abuse and neglect in the university’s laboratories. According to the whistleblower, dogs were mutilated in experimental surgeries; sheep, pigs, and mice were subjected to third-degree burns on up to 40 percent of their bodies and reportedly deprived of adequate pain relief; and mice died because UTMB staff members didn’t notice that the animals had no access to water. The whistleblower also reported that inadequate veterinary care, inept personnel, careless handling, and neglect were daily problems in the university’s labs.

Please click the link below to urge UTMB’s executive assistant to the president to launch an investigation of the university’s laboratories and put an end to the suffering of animals.

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:

If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser.

Wildlife Carers Group also signed the urgent petition to stop Animal Cruelty at MarineLand:

‘Hi Nora,

A harbour seal who’s gone blind. Five dolphins who have lost skin. Two sea lions who developed such bad illnesses that they’ve had to be kept in dry cages for months to try to recover. »

These are all health problems that have been caused by the conditions at MarineLand in Niagara Falls, Ontario. According to former employees, many of the animals have experienced severe health issues caused by neglect.

MarineLand is licensed by the self-regulating Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and there are no government regulations for keeping sea mammals in captivity in Canada.

The staff quitting in protest won’t save the seals, whales, and dolphins whose health continues to deteriorate. In fact, MarineLand owner John Holer has plans to expand.

We must save these intelligent animals from any more suffering.
Tell John Holer to clean up MarineLand’s act today! »’

Wildlife Carers Group has signed a lot more petitions to assist other organisations.

To see the full story please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/chief-minister-demands-public-apology-so-did-i-smear-campaigns-run-by-tams-another-letter-to-the-rspca-for-wildlife-carer-defamatory-lies/

We are running another petition to stop the unlawful violent killing of the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, please sign as individuals, and circulate, post onto your websites, etc:


To see the full report please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/protected-native-violent-kangaroo-killing-in-the-act-7-june-2012/

To see the full story on the unlawful entry and the stealing of my wildlife, and letters sent to the Canberra Times but not published to provide my full story please click on this link:


To see the full story on the rspca losing donations over their defamatory lies and unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/rspca-loses-donations-over-wildlife-carer-defamatory-lies-licence-unlawful-entry-and-seizure-of-protected-native-wildlife-28812/

To read this article that refutes everything that the recent Canberra Times article false allegations claim on 11/8/12, and unlawful action of illegal trespassing and stealing of animals, taken against me by the tams dept, the rspca and the police on 10/8/12, because I took the conservator of flora and fauna to court to stop the unlawful violent killing of the kangaroos and to make the required changes to the Nature Conservation Act 1980, The Kangaroo Management Plan that is full of science fiction and no scientific evidence of their claims made against the Kangaroos of damage, destroying endangered species that is caused by the government, hoofed cattle, quad bikes, digging pits, 4WD’s, shooters, and the Pests Control Management Plan Strategy that needs to have all native wildlife omitted from the Plan, please click on this link: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-city-of-animal-lovers-20120714-222rk.html



There can be no discrimination against our native wildlife, all native wildlife are precious to our Eco system, in assisting to maintain a healthy well balanced Eco system, and will be protected, and rehabilitated equally.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group with long term expertise and knowledge in our native wildlife, that will act on, and investigate animal cruelty/welfare/rights, and, as a community group, that also cares about our community, and the rights of our community groups.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group helping to keep our state and country out of deficit, with no government funding, run solely by volunteers, that is keeping you in a job.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group that trains work experience students.

Wildlife Carers Group is the only ACT body that enforces the wildlife protection laws. It is unlawful to kill or harm protected native wildlife.

NORA PRESTON (began rehabilitating wildlife in the early ’80′s.)

Founding President
PO Box 3509

Mob: 0406 056 099

Email: wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au




Check out http://www.myspace.com/wcginc
and become a friend.

We are also on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1649024860&v=info

with photos included on the site, and become a friend.

You can now follow us and join us on Twitter http://twitter.com/wildlifecarersg/

1 September 2012

Support WCG. WCG is an independent, non profit, non government community based charity providing animal/wildlife care, rescue/rehabilitation

and is also an animal/wildlife welfare group, providing protection for our wildlife/animals, run solely by volunteers, with no government funding, saving taxpayers money. WCG relies on donations from the public in order to carry out its work. If you would like to make a donation to WCG, please send a cheque/money order made payable to Wildlife Carers Group Inc. To PO Box 3509 , Weston Creek. ACT. 2611. AUSTRALIA . Or contact us by email wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au

or mobile: 0406 056 099 to discuss other alternatives. Thank you for all your support.

Aims and Objectives: To promote the general welfare and continued survival of native fauna and flora as an essential element of the environment, and specifically to undertake the specialised care necessary for the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick and injured native birds and other animals, to promote public awareness of the need to conserve existing wildlife species, and an understanding of their particular habitat and feeding requirements.

Support WCG. Become a WCG MEMBER, VOLUNTEER, WILDLIFE CARER, download the m/ship form from http://wcg.awardspace.com

and join up. Thank you for all your support.

To see Wildlife Carers Group report and review of the documentary ‘Kangaroo Mob’ please click on these links:


Published in theTasmanian Times please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-attends-premiere-screening-/

To view the amendments and Draft ACT Pest Animal Management Strategy 2011-2021 please click or copy and paste this link into your browser: AMENDMENTS DARTING CURRAWONGS RSPCA – DRAFT ACT PEST ANIMAL MANAGEMENT STRATEGY 2011-2021«wildlifecarersgroup

To see Wildlife Carers Group full 5-day report, of the training with the work experience student, Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, results: contaminated, etc Please click on this link https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/wildlife-carers-group-wcg-visit-to-callum-brae-nature-reserve-etc-full-5-day-work-experience-student-wes-placement-report-trained-by-wcg-founding-president-nora-preston-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

To see Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/wildlife-carers-group-kangaroo-meat-testing-%e2%80%93-5-day-work-experience-student-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

‘KANGAROOS AND DISEASES’, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/kangaroos-and-diseases-notes-for-5-day-wes-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

This species maintains a healthy, well balanced eco system.

You can help us make the necessary changes for our native protected Eastern Grey

Kangaroos, by signing this petition, and circulating this for us http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/saveallthe-kangaroos.html.

In this article, interviewed on 15/4/10, http://www.nowuc.com.au/2010/05/27/kangaroo-plan…/comment-page-1/

don fletcher from tams says that kangaroos are not the main problem and in fact ‘native grasses’ are not threatened with extinction, but other animals and plants are, and that “the biggest ‘contributor’ to the loss of the natural treeless grasslands of our region has been agriculture (by far)”.

This statement is admitting to the flawed, dishonest kangaroo management plan, and russell watkinson’s media release, on Friday 18/6/10, that blames the kangaroos for driving legless lizards, earless dragons, etc, and the deteriorating grasslands and woodlands to extinction, by eating all the grasses, when fletcher admits that the native grasses are not threatened by the kangaroos, but by human activity, including toxic sprays.

Please check out this link: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx

that was in the Canberra times on 17/10/09, that completely refutes the allegations against the roos destroying grasslands, that was sent to maxine cooper, that were also ignored.

The report is by Julie Lindner, who has also been studying the grasslands and the roos for the past 20 years, which backs up what I’ve been saying all along.

http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx , with a more recent article in the Chronicle in the’letters to the editor’ section
titled ‘culling controversy’ p.23, 14/6/11.

Please click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUZrKj6ClBg

‘KANGAROO CHILLER BOX INVESTIGATION’/’KANGAROOS ON TRACK TO EXTINCTION’, that contains the cruel bashing to death of roos that are shot, but not directly killed, hung up while still alive, and left suffering, trembling as they hang, tortured to death, and joeys bashed to death, possibly attempting to decapitate the joeys head on the back of the truck with several blows.

Please click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn3c8EcNRk&feature=related

SEE the so called controlled government butchering, you will note that the kangaroos are still alive when hung up, suffering, AND BEING TORTURED TO DEATH, the male is laughing at the cruelty he has just inflicted on this kangaroo, a joey stomped to death, even the child stomps on it as he walks past following his father, orphaned joeys hopping around, left to starve to death, a joey bashed till its eyes popped out, but is still alive, suffering, a prolonged death, and the male admitting that these are protected species. Native protected animals called pests, the very same native animals that maintain a healthy well balanced eco system. The code of practice that the shooter refers to is inhumane, and unacceptable, as witnessed in this video footage. Kangaroos are not fit for human or dog consumption, heavily contaminated with various diseases/harmful bacterias, e.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasmosis, preserved illegally with sulphur dioxide that causes thiamine deficiency, (a white crystalline solid forming part of the vitamin B complex, C12H17CIN4OS; a vitamin (B1), required by the nervous system, absence of which causes beri-beri and other disorders), causing death, intake of pesticide spraying to control locusts, etc. Keep watching till it stops, keep an eye on the timer, next to the speaker symbol, length 10:59.

There are more links on youtube to show the facts on the extreme cruelty committed to our native protected macropods.

Possum abattoir


Possum Abattoir– Lenah Game Meats, Tasmania — EngageMedia

These animals are still alive and awake, when going through the abattoir’s chute processing system, dropped on top of one another, through a swinging door, to go through to the next phase, with several possums piled on top of one another, into the same boxes, when delivered to the abattoir, (possums are extremely territorial,) females with joeys, butchered, and bashed to death. Please Help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty and export.

You can help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty to these possums by adding the above link to the possum abattoir and lodging your submissions by 23/4/10, to wta@environment.gov.au

and click on link http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/trade-use/invitecomment/brushtail-possum.html

Submissions are now closed. This species maintains a healthy well balanced eco system.

To see the full report on Wildlife Carers Group possum rescue, possum boxes and investigating dog neglect, please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/wildlife-carers-group-possum-rescue-and-investigating-dog-crueltyneglect-reported-to-us-19212/


Following Wildlife Carers Group Investigation and Report on the Fraser Island Dingoes, on 29/8/11, on 5/9/11, the Liberal National Party (LNP) has committed to ensuring the long term survival of the Fraser Island Dingoes, click this link to read the LNP’s commitments: http://www.lnp.org.au/policies/queenslands-precious-wildlife-the-fraser-island-dingo

Please click this link to view Wildlife Carers Group follow up on Fraser Island Dingoes Driven to Extinction Report: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/fraser-island-dingoes-driven-to-extinction/?sn=l


Terminating the rangers from their jobs, who are responsible for the inhumane treatment of dingoes on Fraser Island , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSSaknF6Wnw&feature=youtu.be

who are starving them to death, mismanaging them, mistreating them, will prevent driving these spectacular native wildlife species to extinction, and help end acts of animal cruelty. Changing the Qld government legislation and constitution, to humanely conserve this species, and their habitat. Erecting GIVE WAY to DINGOES/WILDLIFE Signs. We can see their marine life up and down the Qld coast, however, the only unique sighting that Fraser Island can boast about, and can offer to the tourists, is the pure breed native Dingoes, once the last 90 odd Dingoes, population estimation as of 28-29 August 2011, (since the mismanaged Fraser Island fire by the Qld government, this Dingo population has more than likely dropped dramatically), that are left on the Island are driven to extinction, through arrogance, mismanagement and mistreatment, Fraser Island will have nothing left to offer to the huge tourist trade it currently holds, which will end Fraser Island tourism. This species maintains a healthy well balanced ecosystem.

To read Wildlife Carers Group report on WILDLIFE CARERS GROUP VISIT TO TASMANIA in the Tasmanian Times, please click on this link, http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-visit-to-tasmania/

Wildlife Carers Group report on our visit to Tasmania can be seen on this link:

To read Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty and removing the fish hook, and in the Tasmanian Times please click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:


Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty was published in the Tasmanian Times, to read it please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/cruelty-to-a-long-necked-tortoise/

For further information on snakes, identification, tips, first aid please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/snakes-information-identification-tips-first-aid-notes-for-wes-4-8-july-2011/


Disclaimer: WCG and the author do not assume or accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the accuracy or appropriate application of the information contained in this letter/email.



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