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Day 1: The student was given notes on First Aid/Some Basic Hints on Wildlife Rescue/Care: http://wcg.awardspace.com  (this website is not updated), click on the ‘animal care’ link. We covered animal welfare by visiting DAS (the dog pound-Domestic Animal Services), and then the rspca.  At lunch time while eating our lunch we discussed more animal welfare concerns and animal cruelty that was shown in the documentary ‘The Earthlings’, showing how ‘kosher’ cows are tortured to death, and Indian cattle that are sacred in India, and therefore are not allowed to be killed are forced onto a long agonising journey to where they can be killed, however, the journey is so long that some of the cattle drop to their death before reaching their destination or drop from exhaustion and therefore have their eyes pepper sprayed, have their tails broken to force them back up to continue their long agonising journey, and those that survive the long agonising journey are then tortured even more before they die, all for the sake of cheap leather.  Live animals are skinned alive all for the sake of the fur trade. The student watched the video on Day 1, and discussed ‘Earthlings’ on Day 2 with me, that she said made her cry.  Click on this link to watch the full documentary of ‘Earthlings’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19eBAfUFK3E

DAS have finally removed the bucket they kept in one of the afterhours pen’s for years, that small dogs could not reach to drink out of, and screwed in a metal bowl in both after hours pens, although they were both empty and dirty, with no water in them.

As the photos show, both pens were dirty stained with urine etc with the red gadget in the water bowl in this photo that could be deadly for a dog that could choke on it, left there for who knows how long and slowly die an agonising death.

In this photo, the red gadget is missing from the water bowl, more than likely chewed by a dog that may have choked on it and suffered a prolonged agonising death.

The padlocks have been returned to both gates, however we had a lot of trouble trying to close this gate, and the padlock cannot be used to lock the afterhour’s pen’s gate because of being incorrectly aligned. This gate has been incorrectly aligned for quite a number of years.  It is important to be able to lock these gates after a dog has been placed in them to prevent another dog from being placed into the same pen, to prevent a dog fight, serious injuries and death, or to prevent someone from letting the dogs out to be run down by traffic etc.  There should only be 1 dog placed in 1 pen.  These padlocks are really useless, that anyone can cut with bolt cutters.  They need more secure padlocks, and the afterhours pens need more insulation, and to be made more dog friendly with dog beds.

There was a lot of activity around in the dog pound with volunteers walking the dogs, but this poor dog, a lovely Rottweiler was left in a dirty pen.

The pen next to the pictured pen that had a German short-haired Pointer in it had urine all over the off floor bed and throughout the pen.

If you want a dog, or just want to save the German Short-haired Pointer (I didn’t get to take a photo of it) from being killed on Wednesday 3 October, then please rescue it, or just put some money down on it, and please do check on the pictured dog as well.

Unfortunately a female, who thought she was doing the right thing, got into the pen with German short-haired Pointer and was trying to convince us to buy the dog. She started off telling the dog to sit, giving the dog treats, however, the dog got sick of it and was more interested in us. The female simply did not know when to stop, to leave the dog alone and give the dog its space, and to get out of the pen.

Have you lost a German short-haired Pointer or the pictured dog, they are at the dog pound in Symonston, along with a lot of other small, medium dogs.

I didn’t take any photos of the rspca animals, however, a number of dogs had stiff frayed rags tied around their necks that would have been extremely uncomfortable for the dogs.

The rspca seem to forget that these are dogs and not people to be dressed up, the last thing these dogs need is stupid looking rags or anything else similar tied around their necks. They need to be left alone from this type of dressing up.

Each pen had dangerous squeaky toys that are filled with metal objects that make the noise in them, that will choke the dogs and cats and any other animal when ripped apart, slowly killing them.

Another volunteer at the rspca who locked herself into the pen with a dog, was also advised that the dog needs its space, and to watch the behaviour of the dog very closely that was also getting a bit agitated.

These dogs are out of their comfort zone in the rspca and TAMS DAS, in a very unfriendly, unfamiliar and stressful environment for them, locked up in pens. It is no place to lock yourself in with a dog and torment the dog. Even outside the pens, the environment is still unfriendly, unfamiliar and stressful, and the dogs are traumatised.

The rspca and DAS do have a green play area, so it is better for the dog to take the dog into the play area and spend some time with it out there, however, the dogs are still out of their comfort zone and in an unfamiliar environment, so watch the dogs behaviour, and know when to back off and give the dog some space.

The rspca had a rather expensive price for animals sign up outside the domestic animal section, as you walk towards the dog enclosures, to let you know how much the animals are. We saw a price tag of $400.  At these types of prices the rspca are doing more inappropriate and unlawful killing of healthy animals rather than the selling of healthy animals.

The rspca will never learn to put the welfare of the animals first, and to give them away to suitable homes for FREE to prevent killing healthy animals.

The rspca wildlife are kept in containers, the possums are escaping through open windows. Possums are extremely territorial. To allow possums to escape means serious injuries and a slow and agonising death to the possums from their injuries in possum fights.

There were 2 yellow canaries not looking too well from being kept inside the suffocating containers.

We asked to see other wildlife and where they were kept, but of course they said ‘no’.

It appears that the rspca wildlife are kept inhumanely in these containers, and have been for 2-3 months before they unlawfully trespassed onto my private property and stole my wildlife on 10/8/12. I received no response to the email I sent to the rspca from their website, warning them that they are not permitted to kill or sell any of my wildlife and that they will have to return them to me.  The only email I have received from the rspca is an email telling me that it has been sent to the appropriate person who will respond, with the appropriate person still failing to respond.

One story told is that the rspca building was infested and infected with something, and the other story is that the roof caved in, so the entire area is ribboned off, and you cannot get to any part of the building or surrounding areas.

Day 2: Notes handed to the student on Kangaroos and Diseases and an unsustainable Kangaroo Commercial industry, and Possum Rehabilitation given to her in advance to cover her for Day 3, since every Wednesday she is involved in another commitment. From the notes given to the student on Day 1, the student asked me whether or not she needs to have a rabies shot, to which I replied, only if she is going to be handling bats. We returned to the rspca to take photos. The photos show rspca animal cruelty.

The 2 yellow canaries were put outside this container on Day 2 of our visit, still all puffed up and unhealthy looking, however, this is another death trap for the 2 birds where they can, in a split second, be attacked and killed by magpies, currawongs or any other birds, through their cages.

2 Cockatiels in the window of the suffocating death trap container. Who did the rspca steal these birds from to keep in an inhumane container?  All windows in all the containers are air tight shut.  THIS IS ANIMAL CRUELTY.

On 10/8/12 the rspca unlawfully trespassed onto my property, stole my wildlife that were humanely kept in aviaries, after I ordered all of them off my private property, who refused to leave, with the rspca injuring my wildlife and making them sick while they mishandled and stole my wildlife, so that I had to scrub out the blood left behind in the aviaries caused by the rspca staff, just to take the vulnerable wildlife back to these suffocating tombs/death traps of containers for a miserable life, and had the cheek to slander my name with defamatory lies to the Canberra Times that the Canberra Times unwittingly printed, falsely accusing me of animal cruelty.

As you can see, backyard caring for wildlife is far more humane, especially by a long term expert such as myself, as opposed to taking any poor vulnerable dependent animal to the rspca.

I demand a public apology by this government, tams. the police, and the rspca for the unlawful trespassing and stealing of my wildlife, and the immediate return of my wildlife alive.

These pictures show animal cruelty. The only acts of animal cruelty committed to my wildlife were by the rspca, the ACT Government, their government department TAMS staff and the police who were involved, who I am also demanding a public apology from. The photos show that animal welfare and what was best for my wildlife was the last thing on the mind of the ACT Government, government department TAMS, the rspca and the police, and that neither of them care.

The police were contacted and requested to assist in raiding the rspca and seizing back Wildlife Carers Group wildlife, with a public apology, however, this has not eventuated. The ACT Government and TAMS were also contacted and requested to immediately seize back my wildlife and order them to be returned to me, with a public apology, this has not eventuated.

If you, and this includes the media, care about domestic animals and wildlife, you will want to avoid the rspca, and you won’t want to advertise for the rspca.

After taking these photos a blonde female came running out after me and asked me if I was dropping off wildlife to them. I said ‘no’.

Wildlife Carers Group will never give any wildlife to the rspca just so that they can unlawfully kill or sell them, mistreat them, mishandle and place them into unsuitable suffocating housing. We have our own experts to properly and humanely care for our wildlife, and quite obviously better housing facilities.

As the above photos show, Wildlife Carers Group is needed more than ever for our protected native wildlife, proper care and rehabilitation, proper education, proper protection to protect our wildlife under the wildlife protection laws that prevents the killing of protected native wildlife, and proper animal welfare.

We were about to revisit the rspca domestic animal section to take photos of the price sign, the poor dogs with the stiff frayed rags tied around their necks, and the inhumane dangerous squeaky toys in their pens when the rspca executive manager of animal welfare Glenn Howie came out stating that he was one of the exec directors, who I discussed the afterhours pens with, and asked him why they don’t educate DAS to install better afterhours pens. He said he was not happy with the rspca’s afterhour’s pens, and that it was upto the CEO Michael Linke to deal with DAS. Then a female joined us, who refused to give her name, but stated that she was also part of the exec directorate. How much taxpayers money is paid to all of these directors, ceo, while animals and wildlife suffer in their hands?

Glenn told me to leave before I got into a conversation about the afterhours lockups; they asked why I was taking photos. Well it was pretty obvious why I was taking photos.

I told the male we were going back into the domestic animal section, to which he said ‘no’ he wants me to leave and I have to have permission to take photos.

I ordered everyone off my property when they unlawfully trespassed and stole my wildlife from my private property on 10/8/12, however they ignored me and refused to leave, and yet they have the audacity to tell me to leave.

Well we did leave after I told them that I was a Wildlife Officer, to which he said, I was not, I argued back and stated, yes I am.

Wildlife Carers Group is also an animal welfare group that makes us Animal Welfare Officers as well.

Day 3: As shown in Day 2, the student was not available and had a large volume of notes to read through on Possum identification, care, treatment and rehabilitation.

Day 4: The student was sick and was emailed notes on Wildlife Carers Group submission on Molonglo and North Weston Developments, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/wildlife-carers-group-submission-for-molonglo-and-north-weston-developments/ because education in wildlife habitat, and conservation is part of Wildlife Carers Groups Aims and Objectives.  Wildlife Carers Group submission shows the vulnerable species in these construction sites, unlawfully killed and driven to extinction.   The EPBC Act and NES has been breached by the government in section 146 that quite plainly states that the EPBC 1999 Act and NES  take precedence over all developments.  The student showed particular  interest in Day 2, and asked what was happening on the Molonglo and North Weston construction sites as we drove past.

Day 5: The student was sick and was emailed notes on the List of Exempt animals, wildlife and domestic animals that you do not need to hold a licence for.  Click on this link to view the Exempt List:  https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/wildlife-carers-group-publishes-exempt-list-wildlife-and-animals-that-you-do-not-need-to-hold-a-licence-for-51112/

CIT Wildlife Training Course

I was asked to find out who was teaching the Wildlife Training Course at the CIT, and how do you get to handle wildlife during the course.

I phoned the CIT and was told that the former rspca manager who was then employed by TAMS is teaching the CIT wildlife training course. It is unknown whether or not she is still employed by TAMS.

This is quite a concern, since we watched how she inhumanely roughly mishandles and mistreats wildlife, without using towels to handle them, to avoid shock, and injects them without placing them on a hard surface first in order to ensure that they are secure and stable, to ensure that the needle penetrates the right area aimed for, she roughly throws them around back into the cages, and loves to unnecessarily and unlawfully kill rather than take the time with what she thinks are the more common wildlife to rehabilitate.  None of this is a practice to be taught to students.  Wildlife Carers Group had to seize back one of our own wildlife that inappropriately ended up at the rspca because she wanted to kill it.

Injured, sick and orphaned Wildlife rescued are scared and traumatised.  They must be treated with gentle loving care.  Carefully wrapped in towels or blankets, gently spoken to at all times to calm them down, and gently treated at all times.

She takes the students back home into her own backyard where she rehabilitates the wildlife for the students to see the wildlife and work with them.

In the Canberra Times article on 11/8/12, where the rspca slandered my name with defamatory lies falsely accusing me of animal cruelty, the rspca also claim that you cannot rehabilitate wildlife in your own backyard, instead the rspca wants to put the wildlife into their suffocating death machine containers that is completely inappropriate for any animal. I’m sure that the rspca have found a lot of dead animals in those containers that have slowly suffocated to death or died from heat exhaustion in the warmer days.


Please click on this link http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/pakistan-live-export-disaster.php#comment36738 to read the ongoing violence towards our Australian sheep when 21,000 sheep were rejected by Bahrain and then dumped in Pakistan where they were clubbed stabbed and buried alive, and URGENTLY phone or email your MP to demand a TOTAL BAN ON ALL LIVE EXPORT. Follow Animals Australia advice on what to say.

I phoned my local MP, who was not available so advised the female who answered the phone who advised that they have to go along with the Labor Party’s policy and cannot change anything.

I further discussed the annual government unlawful violent killing in 2012 and the further 30+ permits that are handed out all year round, for the killing of our protected native Eastern Grey Kangaroos in the ACT, so the EGK’s are tortured to death all year round until they are driven to extinction, and that the government never count the EGK’s before killing them, they only count them as they kill them. I also discussed the unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife on my private property by the government department TAMS, and the rspca and police because I took the government to court for animal cruelty, to stop the Kangaroo killing, to make changes to their dysfunctional Acts and Policies, so the government abused taxpayers money to try and scare me off, who are also abusing their jobs.


I attended a council ‘meet the candidates’ forum. Neither Liberal, Labor or Greens are prepared to stop the unlawful violent killing of Kangaroos in the ACT. I have not had either of these parties assist me in the unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife from my private property to provide a public apology and the return of my stolen wildlife alive.

The continued Violence is inevitable with any of the above parties if they are re elected or elected. For these parties to be in constant denial that the animals do suffer under their current system, is encouraging a violent society not only towards innocent vulnerable dependent animals, but towards the human race as well.

Taxpayers money will continue to be abused for their own personal gain and personal vendettas against anyone at all, with innocent people targeted, your property unlawfully trespassed, you will be viciously harassed, you will have your name slandered with defamatory lies for any reason at all, unless you hear of a public apology to me, and my wildlife returned to me alive, and these parties stop living in denial ignoring the facts, and unless these parties announce that they will terminate those involved in unlawful trespassing and stealing of wildlife from a private property, and terminate everyone involved in the unlawful violent killing and herding of our protected native wildlife on quad bikes. Our Kangaroos will be driven to extinction, unless it is announced that the killing will stop, and that this year was the last year that our protected native Kangaroos are killed, and that they will work with me and Wildlife Carers Group.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos are not only unlawfully killed annually by the government; the government hands out 30 + permits a year, all year round to property owners to kill protected native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  It is inevitable that our native wildlife will be driven to extinction.

The parties are quite delusional and in denial to repeatedly falsely claim that the kangaroos are killed humanely, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/protected-native-violent-kangaroo-killing-in-the-act-7-june-2012/ when they are not, who have been shown visual photographic evidence. You can check the links below for the reality.

So far none of these parties have agreed to work with the experts.   The government wish to continue to abuse taxpayers’ money by paying non experts and continue a violent society.   Our Bush Capital will be lost, ignoring the majority of over 80% who wish to maintain our Bush Capital, and will be taken over by concrete, overcrowding, disease.

The Council photocopied and displayed Wildlife Carers Group Molonglo and North Weston Developments Submission: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/wildlife-carers-group-submission-for-molonglo-and-north-weston-developments/ .

I asked questions and pointed out that the Government was abusing taxpayers money and are in breach of the EPBC Act 1999 and the NES, Katy Gallagher the Chief/TAMS Minister denied it, the Greens Shane Rattenbury who is also the Chair person in the Legislative Assembly denied it, only commented on the pink-tailed worm lizard, but said show me the evidence, Jeremy Hanson from the Liberal Party said that the Molonglo and North Weston Developments will continue and that we need the housing.

We do not need more housing, the ACT is losing population because no one can afford to live in the ACT.  The cost of living in the ACT is currently the 2nd highest throughout Australia.  There are a lot of empty houses that no one can afford to buy or rent, which need to be investigated to determine exactly how many empty houses there are currently sitting idle in the ACT, with the price tags needing to be dropped to make them sustainable and affordable.

Much to the candidates surprise, after we took a break, I handed out Wildlife Carers Group Molonglo and North Weston Developments Submission to Jeremy Hanson, then to Shane Rattenbury, and then to Katy Gallagher.  As I handed out the document to each candidate I pointed out the paragraph and stated that this is where you are in breach, and then pointed out all the vulnerable species effected in their unlawful developments, and stated and these are all the species effected and added to Shane that there are more than just the Pink-tailed Worm Lizard that are effected in these areas.  Shane said that the colony has been moved.  It is absolutely impossible to move them.  How did they move the colony?  All 3 main parties are driving our native wildlife to extinction, not just the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and are destroying our Bush Capital.

As far as the violent unlawful Kangaroo killing is concerned, it was also unanimous amongst all 3 parties with Jeremy Hanson who is in complete denial stating that it is humane, ignoring the visual photographic evidence that has been sent to him, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/protected-native-violent-kangaroo-killing-in-the-act-7-june-2012/ Katy Gallagher saying that they have to keep the population under control, including other false rubbish such as they sit around the table with their experts, when they don’t, I have not been invited to sit in at any of their discussions on these matters, they do not know how many kangaroos there are, and as already pointed out, they do not count them, with the Kangaroos already being driven to extinction in the past, and having to be re introduced through the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and then re distributed throughout the ACT, and Shane said, we have discussed this many times.  Yes we have, and they still are not listening to the real experts and the facts. and are still in complete denial, that they are driving our protected native wildlife to extinction, that the killing is unlawful and violent, and are also covering up protecting the guilty, protecting the criminals who are responsible rather than terminating them from their jobs placing a total ban on them from ever working with animals again.  I also pointed out that the Kangaroos are being blamed for damages caused by cattle and people and that the nature reserves are there for native wildlife and not for cattle.  Nature reserves are not there for the sheep either.

I was not able to respond to the candidates false statements since I had already handed the microphone back.

A male sitting infront of me commented about the high water costs and will this be dropped.  Another ridiculous response by the candidates was that it was so high because no one is using the water and Actewagl are losing money on it.  Well that is too bad, they cannot charge us for what we are not using.  They can only charge us for the water we are using.  Actewagl cannot charge us for the building of the dam that no one wanted, other than the minority Government and politicians.  The fact is that Actewagl are charging us for the blowout cost of the dam as well, which again is unlawful.  Actewagl can only charge us for the water that we use.  Actewagl can sack their CEO, their Directors if they are losing money.  There are less people living in the ACT, therefore, we should be paying the least amount in our water rates, because we are going to use less water anyway, being a smaller population, and yet we pay the highest water rates than any other large state, and any other state in Australia.  This government rubbish about the water was aired on the news.

The cost of living will only keep going up as the government continues to pay non experts, CEO’s, Directors etc., with no one promising to terminate the employment such as the rspca, government officials, staff, who are not experts and who have abused taxpayers money.  None of the political parties have promised to start working with the experts and paying the experts instead to make sure that they get it right this time around.

It is a good idea to research all the other candidates running, find out their policies before you vote on 20 October 2012, and avoid voting for the main parties or any other party whose votes will be given to any of these 3 main parties, if you want to see change and experts consulted rather than the same old people who get it wrong over and over again.

If the media want to help stop the government crimes and cover up they can boycott all these candidates from the 3 main parties and stop advertising for them, until they offer me a public apology for a start with the return of my stolen wildlife alive, and terminate everyone responsible for the crimes that they have committed, and show that in wildlife matters the rspca is fired from the jobs and that they are working with me and Wildlife Carers Group, to further show that they will start working with the real experts in other areas, abolish land and water rates and ensure that we are only charged for our water usage, abolish the GST, stop the destruction of the Bush Capital, keep electricity costs right down, that the victims are treated as victims, and not treat the criminals as victims encouraging them to reoffend, to place top priority over public safety, public safety on roads erecting No Parking signs where they have been requested to, etc,

Can you also take a moment to share the petition BELOW with others by signing as individuals and circulating the petition please? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:


We have reached our goal of 2000 signatures and have received more signatures so we have extended the signatures goal to 3000. To view the petition online please click on this link and keep circulating it for us as well: http://www.change.org/petitions/chief-minister-environment-minister-greens-party-prime-minister-stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos, along with this petition: www.gopetition.com/petitions/saveallthe-kangaroos.html  .

To see the full reports please click on this link:


To see the final Canberra Times results in the 2012 Kangaroo killing that shows only a small minority of 39% supported the government, government dept TAMS and the rspca in the kangaroo killing, while the majority of 56% OPPOSED the government, government dept and the rspca in their unlawful violent kangaroo killing, while 5% were unsure, please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/canberra-times-final-kangaroo-killing-poll-results-closed-25512/

To see the full story please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/chief-minister-demands-public-apology-so-did-i-smear-campaigns-run-by-tams-another-letter-to-the-rspca-for-wildlife-carer-defamatory-lies/

We are running another petition to stop the unlawful violent killing of the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, please sign as individuals, and circulate, post onto your websites, etc:


To see the full report please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/protected-native-violent-kangaroo-killing-in-the-act-7-june-2012/

To see the full story on the unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife and letters sent to the Canberra Times but not published to provide my full story please click on this link:


To see the full story on the rspca losing donations over their defamatory lies and unlawful entry and stealing of my wildlife please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/rspca-loses-donations-over-wildlife-carer-defamatory-lies-licence-unlawful-entry-and-seizure-of-protected-native-wildlife-28812/

To read this article that refutes everything that the recent Canberra Times article false allegations claim on 11/8/12, and unlawful action of illegal trespassing and stealing of animals taken against me by the tams dept, the rspca and the police on 10/8/12, because I took the conservator of flora and fauna to court to stop the unlawful violent killing of the kangaroos and to make the required changes to the Nature Conservation Act 1980, The Kangaroo Management Plan that is full of science fiction and no scientific evidence of their claims made against the Kangaroos of damage, destroying endangered species that is caused by the government, hoofed cattle, quad bikes, digging pits, 4WD’s, shooters, and the Pests Control Management Plan Strategy that needs to have all native wildlife omitted from the Plan, please click on this link: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-city-of-animal-lovers-20120714-222rk.html



There can be no discrimination against our native wildlife, all native wildlife are precious to our Eco system, in assisting to maintain a healthy well balanced Eco system, and will be protected, and rehabilitated equally.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group with long term expertise and knowledge in our native wildlife, that will act on, and investigate animal cruelty/welfare/rights, and, as a community group, that also cares about our community, and the rights of our community groups.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group helping to keep our state and country out of deficit, with no government funding, run solely by volunteers, that is keeping you in a job.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group that trains work experience students.

Wildlife Carers Group is the only ACT body that enforces the wildlife protection laws.It is unlawful to kill or harm protected native wildlife.

NORA PRESTON (began rehabilitating wildlife in the early ’80′s.)

Founding President
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28 September 2012

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Aims and Objectives: To promote the general welfare and continued survival of native fauna and flora as an essential element of the environment, and specifically to undertake the specialised care necessary for the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick and injured native birds and other animals, to promote public awareness of the need to conserve existing wildlife species, and an understanding of their particular habitat and feeding requirements.

Support WCG. Become a WCG MEMBER, VOLUNTEER, WILDLIFE CARER, download the m/ship form from http://wcg.awardspace.com

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To see Wildlife Carers Group report and review of the documentary ‘Kangaroo Mob’ please click on these links:


Published in theTasmanian Times please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-attends-premiere-screening-/

To view the amendments and Draft ACT Pest Animal Management Strategy 2011-2021 please click or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/amendments-darting-currawongs-rspca-draft-act-pest-animal-management-strategy-2011-2021/

To see Wildlife Carers Group full 5-day report, of the training with the work experience student, Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, results: contaminated, etc Please click on this link https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/wildlife-carers-group-wcg-visit-to-callum-brae-nature-reserve-etc-full-5-day-work-experience-student-wes-placement-report-trained-by-wcg-founding-president-nora-preston-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

To see Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/wildlife-carers-group-kangaroo-meat-testing-%e2%80%93-5-day-work-experience-student-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

‘KANGAROOS AND DISEASES’, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/kangaroos-and-diseases-notes-for-5-day-wes-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

This species maintains a healthy, well balanced eco system.

You can help us make the necessary changes for our native protected Eastern Grey

Kangaroos, by signing this petition, and circulating this for us www.gopetition.com/petitions/saveallthe-kangaroos.html  .

In this article, interviewed on 15/4/10, www.nowuc.com.au/2010/05/27/kangaroo-plan…/comment-page-1/  (this page may now be closed to leave space for UC new students interviews)

don fletcher from tams says that kangaroos are not the main problem and in fact ‘native grasses’ are not threatened with extinction, but other animals and plants are, and that “the biggest ‘contributor’ to the loss of the natural treeless grasslands of our region has been agriculture (by far)”.

This statement is admitting to the flawed, dishonest kangaroo management plan, and russell watkinson’s media release, on Friday 18/6/10, that blames the kangaroos for driving legless lizards, earless dragons, etc, and the deteriorating grasslands and woodlands to extinction, by eating all the grasses, when fletcher admits that the native grasses are not threatened by the kangaroos, but by human activity, including toxic sprays.

Please check out this link: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx

that was in the Canberra times on 17/10/09, that completely refutes the allegations against the roos destroying grasslands, that was sent to maxine cooper, that were also ignored.

The report is by Julie Lindner, who has also been studying the grasslands and the roos for the past 20 years, which backs up what I’ve been saying all along.

http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx  , with a more recent article in the Chronicle in the’letters to the editor’ section titled ‘culling controversy’ p.23, 14/6/11.

Please click on this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUZrKj6ClBg

‘KANGAROO CHILLER BOX INVESTIGATION’/’KANGAROOS ON TRACK TO EXTINCTION’, that contains the cruel bashing to death of roos that are shot, but not directly killed, hung up while still alive, and left suffering, trembling as they hang, tortured to death, and joeys bashed to death, possibly attempting to decapitate the joeys head on the back of the truck with several blows.

Please click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn3c8EcNRk&feature=related

SEE the so called controlled government butchering, you will note that the kangaroos are still alive when hung up, suffering, AND BEING TORTURED TO DEATH, the male is laughing at the cruelty he has just inflicted on this kangaroo, a joey stomped to death, even the child stomps on it as he walks past following his father, orphaned joeys hopping around, left to starve to death, a joey bashed till its eyes popped out, but is still alive, suffering, a prolonged death, and the male admitting that these are protected species. Native protected animals called pests, the very same native animals that maintain a healthy well balanced eco system. The code of practice that the shooter refers to is inhumane, and unacceptable, as witnessed in this video footage. Kangaroos are not fit for human or dog consumption, heavily contaminated with various diseases/harmful bacterias, e.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasmosis, preserved illegally with sulphur dioxide that causes thiamine deficiency, (a white crystalline solid forming part of the vitamin B complex, C12H17CIN4OS; a vitamin (B1), required by the nervous system, absence of which causes beri-beri and other disorders), causing death, intake of pesticide spraying to control locusts, etc. Keep watching till it stops, keep an eye on the timer, next to the speaker symbol, length 10:59.

There are more links on youtube to show the facts on the extreme cruelty committed to our native protected macropods.

Possum abattoir


Possum Abattoir– Lenah Game Meats, Tasmania — EngageMedia

These animals are still alive and awake, when going through the abattoir’s chute processing system, dropped on top of one another, through a swinging door, to go through to the next phase, with several possums piled on top of one another, into the same boxes, when delivered to the abattoir, (possums are extremely territorial,) females with joeys, butchered, and bashed to death. Please Help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty and export.

You can help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty to these possums by adding the above link to the possum abattoir and lodging your submissions by 23/4/10, to wta@environment.gov.au


and click on link http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/trade-use/invitecomment/brushtail-possum.html

Submissions are now closed. This species maintains a healthy well balanced eco system.

To see the full report on Wildlife Carers Group possum rescue, possum boxes and investigating dog neglect, please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/wildlife-carers-group-possum-rescue-and-investigating-dog-crueltyneglect-reported-to-us-19212/


Following Wildlife Carers Group Investigation and Report on the Fraser Island Dingoes, on 29/8/11, on 5/9/11, the Liberal National Party (LNP) has committed to ensuring the long term survival of the Fraser Island Dingoes, click this link to read the LNP’s commitments: http://www.lnp.org.au/policies/queenslands-precious-wildlife-the-fraser-island-dingo

Please click this link to view Wildlife Carers Group follow up on Fraser Island Dingoes Driven to Extinction Report: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/fraser-island-dingoes-driven-to-extinction/?sn=l


Terminating the rangers from their jobs, who are responsible for the inhumane treatment of dingoes on Fraser Island , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSSaknF6Wnw&feature=youtu.be

who are starving them to death, mismanaging them, mistreating them, will prevent driving these spectacular native wildlife species to extinction, and help end acts of animal cruelty. Changing the Qld government legislation and constitution, to humanely conserve this species, and their habitat. Erecting GIVE WAY to DINGOES/WILDLIFE Signs. We can see their marine life up and down the Qld coast, however, the only unique sighting that Fraser Island can boast about, and can offer to the tourists, is the pure breed native Dingoes, once the last 90 odd Dingoes, population estimation as of 28-29 August 2011, (since the mismanaged Fraser Island fire by the Qld government, this Dingo population has more than likely dropped dramatically), that are left on the Island are driven to extinction, through arrogance, mismanagement and mistreatment, Fraser Island will have nothing left to offer to the huge tourist trade it currently holds, which will end Fraser Island tourism. This species maintains a healthy well balanced ecosystem.

To read Wildlife Carers Group report on WILDLIFE CARERS GROUP VISIT TO TASMANIA in the Tasmanian Times, please click on this link, http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-visit-to-tasmania/

Wildlife Carers Group report on our visit to Tasmania can be seen on this link:

To read Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty and removing the fish hook, and in the Tasmanian Times please click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:


Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty was published in the Tasmanian Times, to read it please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/cruelty-to-a-long-necked-tortoise/

For further information on snakes, identification, tips, first aid please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/snakes-information-identification-tips-first-aid-notes-for-wes-4-8-july-2011/


Disclaimer: WCG and the author do not assume or accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the accuracy or appropriate application of the information contained in this letter/email.


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