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Eastern Grey Kangaroos Draft Controlled Native Species Management Plan – Closes 24/3/17

The Eastern Grey Kangarooo Controlled Native Species Management Plan is endangering the safety and lives of the public with no public notification and firearms being used at any time.
The Government’s ongoing illegal violent mass slaughter of the Kangaroos is not for Conservation purposes, they are for development and construction purposes driving protected native wildlife (flora and fauna) to extinction and destroying the Bush Capital. 
It is ironic that the ACT Chief Minister has just introduced the words ‘Bush Capital’ onto ACT vehicle number plates and yet allows the ongoing illegal status and killing of native Eastern Grey Kangaroos etc, and the ongoing destruction of the Bush Capital for further developments and unaffordable constructions for trams etc. causing hardships and poverty to the ACT residents.
Lowland grasslands and woodlands still contain predators causing the Kangaroo population to be weakened and being driven to extinction with the additional inhumane infertility program and mass violent killing of the Kangaroos by the Government with their mismanagement of the Kangaroos.
Predators: additional recently introduced Spotted-tailed and Eastern Quolls, Raptors, domestic animals, domestic pets, the Government are the worst predators, farmers, hunters, road strikes, foxes, commercial industry that was used at Googong Dam, construction sites, loss of habitat for construction of unnecessary trams that the ACT can’t afford and is costing the ACT more homelessness rating the ACT the highest in homelessness in Australia, etc, unnecessary housing development just building more empty houses that no one can afford to buy or rent all destroying our bush capital and destroying in what would be a multi billion dollar tourist industry in the ACT by wiping out and driving our Kangaroos to extinction.
In 2008 I proposed a City Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, along William Slim Dr, Ginenderra Dr, and Baldwin Drive, submitting a map to show an educational public viewing glassed in Wildlife Hospital, viewing platforms, separate areas for wildlife rehabilitation for sick, injured, orphaned Kangaroos and other wildlife, kiosk, Laboratory, Emergency Centre, Recovery Room that would have raised a multi billion dollar revenue in the tourist industry for the ACT and save our protected native EGK’s and other wildlife.  http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-all-the-kangaroos.html

Wildlife Carers Group Map of Memorial Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Instead of spending taxpayers money on the Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary to raise a multi billion dollar revenue for the ACT, the Government has irresponsibly continued to abuse taxpayers money on fraudulent reports on Kangaroos, unnecessarily killing Kangaroos driving them to extinction, inhumane infertility program driving them to extinction, illegally arresting and locking up innocent people and dragging innocent people through Court, viciously harassing, bullying and defaming innocent people, your experts, etc., when it has always been the Government breaking all the laws, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/wildlife-carers-group-news-21415-stop-the-violent-roo-kill-invite-to-book-launch-animal-justice-party-more/,
Canberra kangaroo cull in 2015 was unlawful, judge says, instead of working with the independent experts, listening and stopping the killing.


Last year’s, 2016, was the biggest cull since 2011, with 1989 animals violently and inhumanely shot and another 800 pouch young violently killed.


I have sent 3 petitions to the Government to stop the Kangaroo killing currently raising 8,805 signatures of support in total for the Government to stop the Kangaroo killing, as of 19/3/17, all inappropriately ignored.
I am submitting these 3 petitions again to the Government in this submission to stop your persecution, fraudulent reports, mismanagement and misrepresentation, your false manipulated population figures, and killing of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.
I have inspected the Kangaroos that are becoming quite weak due to the ongoing mismanagement of the Government through mass killing and the infertility program, seeing separated Joeys through the additional kangaroo proof fencing that has gone up around the ACT without any consultation with the public, that the Government have constructed to make it easier for the Government to trap and kill the Kangaroos not leaving any escape for them.


It is recommended that these fences be removed and replaced with wildlife corridors instead.
Fences are not necessary that cause injuries with wildlife getting injured as they get caught up in them when fleeing causing prolonged agonising death to them, and when there are fenceless technology around using sensors.  Cars are now fitted with sensors to avoid collisions, shu roos can be installed.

2015 ACT Government violent killing. Vet report says this Kangaroo was hit by a vehicle and then stabbed to death. Only the Government had access to drive around inside this complex.

Sensor deterrents can also be used as a form of an anklet or bracelet for cyclists, joggers, otherwise avoid the areas where the Kangaroos are and give way to them.
Kangaroos are unnaturally isolated from each other due to this Government’s misrepresentation and mismanagement of kangaroos.  Joeys separated from their mob, only small mobs can be seen that quickly disappear due to the Government already exercising their ongoing illegal killing of protected native wildlife and already using this controlled native species management plan as multiple firearm shots are heard.


It has been scientifically proven that by fencing in Kangaroos that it showed that the Kangaroos save our endangered species and save their habitat through their gentle grazing and natural fertilisation stimulating the regrowth.  It has been scientifically proven that the areas where the Kangaroos were fenced out of, the habitat and the endangered species all died because it lacked the Kangaroos gentle grazing and natural fertilisation that promoted the regrowth of the endangered native species habitat.  This applies to all native species. (Ref: Don Fletcher – TAMS Senior Ecologist)
It has also been scientifically proven that the Government has no science in their killing of Kangaroos, that it is all science fiction.

2015 unlawful violent ACT Government killing of protected Eastern Grey Kangaroos. In breach of the Animal Welfare Act, the Code of Practice, the Wildlife Protection Laws.

It is highly recommended that all the fencing be removed, all the killing and the infertility program to be stopped to allow the natural stimulation of regrowth caused by Kangaroos all over the ACT that also assist in keeping the fire hazard down.

2008 BNTS Kangaroo cruelty

The Government has always continued the killing after their own killing by placing poison baits in all the nature reserves, and then putting hooved cattle and sheep that cause irreparable damage to the biomass and endangered species named by the Government, into the nature reserves to graze down the grass to prevent a fire hazard, which the soft footed Kangaroos, that don’t cause any damage to the biomass, do if they are not misrepresented, not mismanaged, and not killed.  This is after all suppose to be the bush capital and not the farmers capital.
First the Eastern Quolls were released where the Bettongs were fenced in at Mulligans Flat so that the Government can abuse and waste more taxpayers money and get the Bettongs violently killed by the small Eastern Quolls, where they have no escape.
Then the Government released the larger species Spotted-tailed Quolls in Mulligans Flat as well to abuse and waste more taxpayers money so that the Spotted-tailed Quolls can kill the smaller species Eastern Quolls and Bettongs, all of them fenced in with no escape, turning Mulligans Flat into one big violent blood bath.
This is ongoing abuse and waste of taxpayers money for these programs. 
These Quolls that are new predators for our Macropods are also killing our Kangaroos and their Joeys that are already also being driven to extinction with ongoing violent killing illegally committed all year round by the Government and their infertility program that are all weakening the species driving them to extinction.
The Kangaroos are not responsible for killing off bettongs and bandicoots, the Government is through their ongoing misrepresentation and mismanagement of all wildllife. 
Kangaroos maintain a healthy well balanced Eco system.
With the amount of taxpayers money that the Government has abused on all of the above, the Government could’ve constructed 3 of my proposed Kangaroo Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary around the ACT by now.

Wildlife Carers Group Map of Memorial Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

The Code of Practice is in breach of the Animal Welfare Act violently bashing Joeys to death.  The shooters are also in breach of the Code of Practice who always have mis shots that means that adult roos are also tortured to death.  These killings are nothing but a violent blood sport introducing and educating violence in the ACT that is completely unacceptable and inappropriate.  http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/its-a-massacre-the-cruel-fate-for-pouch-young-in-canberras-kangaroo-cull-20170209-gu8zqi.html,

2015 unlawful violent ACT Government killing of protected Eastern Grey Kangaroos. In breach of the Animal Welfare Act, the Code of Practice, the Wildlife Protection Laws.


This poor Joey was bashed, stabbed, and then while suffering from all the injuries, was buried alive, that then died from asphyxiation, as shown by the Vet Report.

Because of the ongoing misrepresentation and mismanagement, and fraudulent reports repeatedly written about our Eastern Grey Kangaroos by the Government that is then illegally sent out to the media by the Government, it is not recommended that the EGK’s status be amended to a controlled native species under the Nature Conservation Act 2014, and that the controlled native species status be immediately removed from the Nature Conservation Act 2014, and under these conditions, it is highly recommended that the Government abort the Controlled Native Species Management Plan.
Furthermore, it is highly recommended that the Government also abort the no kangaroo policy in the ACT and provide full term rehabilitation of all sick, injured, orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos through their Wildlife Rehabilitation Licence.
It is highly recommended that the 3 Petitions above be actioned to immediately stop the Kangaroo killing, to save the rest of our native wildlife, and to stop the violence.
Founding President
Honorary Member
PO Box 3509


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http://www.myspace.com/wcginc Check out http://www.myspace.com/wcginc and become a friend.

We are also on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/nora.preston.16 with photos included on the site, and become a friend. If the link doesn’t work copy and paste it into your browser. You need to have your own Facebook profile to see our posts.

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Wildlife Carers Group phone has been ringing off the hook as usual with possibly some calls being lost.  If we haven’t returned your call you either forgot to leave your number, left the wrong number, we couldn’t decipher your message, or through congestion your call somehow got lost.

Please speak clearly and loudly into the microphone on your phone, tell us the reason why you are calling, leave your name and contact number, repeat your contact number twice.  We don’t have time to return calls to callers who fail to give us the reason for their call.  The call must be wildlife and animal welfare related.


Published in Wildlife Rescue Magazine, please click on this link http://wildliferescuemagazine.com/uploads/3/0/8/0/3080007/wrmissue6parta.pdf, (this magazine may take a while to load for viewing, so please be patient) and scroll down till you find the heading ‘Galah hit and run’ by NORA PRESTON to read the report. Photos: NORA PRESTON. Don’t forget to vote for it as your favourite story.

Wildlife Rescue Magazine is filled with great wildlife stories. Enjoy the reading. Become a subscriber to help this very informative and educational magazine to keep publishing the articles.



Biolac has inappropriately been widely recommended to rear Macropods.

Unfortunately carers have found that the Eastern Grey Kangaroo Joeys have developed cataracts in both their eyes using Biolac.

Taronga Zoo has also found that Biolac is not suitable to rear Macropods or any other soft furred wildlife and recommend that Biolac only be used for Wombats or the stronger furred wildlife with similar texture fur as the wombat.  Personally, I would avoid using Biolac altogether.

I would therefore highly recommend that you avoid the use of Biolac for possums as well.

I have successfully continued to rear wildlife using Di-Vetelact that is simple to use. The only Wombaroo products I use is Granivore and Insectivore mix for birds. Carers that use Wombaroo powder for Macropods, Possums etc have been successful in rearing them.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Joey reared using Biolac has formed cataracts in his eyes. This Joey will be having eye surgery to remove the cataracts.

Eyes should appear clear as this picture shows.

SNAKES 22/1/13


After moving some stumps around into aviaries, the next day on 22/1/13 I saw an olivish green object in the bottom of the aviary with the same pattern on it as my garden hose. I thought that the last person in the aviary had dropped a thicker garden hose piece into the aviary and was about to bend down to retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner when it moved.

Even the local snakes seek refuge in my aviearies and want to feel safe from harm to live in my aviaries, slithering in and curling up in it to make a home for themselves.

For further information on snakes, identification, tips, first aid, and a clearer picture of an Eastern Brown Snake, please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/snakes-information-identification-tips-first-aid-notes-for-wes-4-8-july-2011/



Dr Gavin Young of ANU and 3 other researchers found the remains of this species in Eden in 2008. I snapped this photo of Gavin holding this specimen in June 2012. They worked hard to put the pieces together over a period of 5 years. In 2008 they found a fang that was 4 centimetres in length from an estimated 3 metre long fish while searching for remains of a toothless armoured fish in rocks near Eden. The researchers are waiting to hear back on whether or not they have been successful in their application for a permit/funding to continue their excavation in Eden to find the rest of the remains of this fish.  I’m sure that all the readers would agree that granting this permit would be of great historical educational value for science and the public.

Head and pectoral girdle of the Edenopteron keithcrooki – 360 million year old new species of fish discovered in Eden, NSW.

“POSSUM TOASTS AUSTRALIA DAY in cheeky visit” by John Thistleton CANBERRA TIMES (CT) ARTICLE 29/1/13 NEWS P.3


While I encourage assisting our native wildlife by feeding them, I only encourage to feed them with their natural diet, except for feeding lizards, possums etc to snakes and raptors etc, and as a supplement, fruit, good quality parrot mix etc.

Bread, toasted or otherwise, is definitely not recommended to be fed to any wildlife. Wildlife, and any other animals and birds cannot digest bread that will give them diarrhoea and slowly kill them.

I will investigate what the pest controllers who TAMS employ to catch the possums and remove them from the roof do with them, as commented by Daniel Iglesias in this same CT article.

The possums cannot just be removed from the roof and released. Possums are highly territorial and will kill or seriously injure one another fighting for their territory. A possum box must be installed close by to give the possum a new home. Please click on this link for more information: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/canberra-times-sundayfocus-article-on-nora-preston-canberracity-of-animal-lovers-15712-2/.

You can read about the Powerful Owl and view a photo of it at the Botanical Gardens on 22/9/07, referred to in the same CT article on Wildlife Carers Group website: http://wcg.awardspace.com, and click on the ‘Training’ link. This Wildlife Carers Group website has not been updated; all the updates of our hard work are in WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.

Brush-tail Possum eating a dandelion flower

Brush-tail Possum eating a piece of orange.


We have been busy assisting in saving Elephants as well, both in the wild and in captivity.

  1. Usually in mammals tusks are enlarged canine teeth, but in elephants they are actually elongated incisors made of ivory and are essentially no different from other teeth. Ref: eleaid.com and Britannica.com
  2. Elephants usually have 26 teeth: the incisors, known as the tusks, 12 deciduous premolars, and 12 molars.
  3. These animals have several distinctive features, including a long proboscis or trunk used for many purposes, particularly for grasping objects. Their incisors grow into tusks, which serve as tools for moving objects and digging, and as weapons for fighting.

    Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Traditionally, two species are recognised, the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species (L. africana and L. cyclotis respectively). Elephants are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. They are the only surviving proboscideans; extinct species include mammoths and mastodons. The largest living terrestrial animals, male African elephants can reach a height of 4 m (13 ft) and weigh 7,000 kg (15,000 lb).

    Elephants are herbivorous and can be found in different habitats including savannahs, forests, deserts and marshes. They prefer to stay near water. They are considered to be keystone species due to their impact on their environments. Other animals tend to keep their distance, and predators such as lions, tigers, hyenas and wild dogs usually target only the young elephants (or “calves”). Females (or “cows”) tend to live in family groups, which can consist of one female with her calves or several related females with offspring. The latter are led by the oldest cow, known as the matriarch. Elephants have a fission-fusion society in which multiple family groups come together to socialise. Males (or “bulls”) leave their family groups when they reach puberty, and may live alone or with other males. Adult bulls mostly interact with family groups when looking for a mate and enter a state of increased testosterone and aggression known as musth, which helps them gain dominance and reproductive success. Calves are the centre of attention in their family groups and rely on their mothers for as long as three years. Elephants can live up to 70 years in the wild. They communicate by touch, sight, and sound; elephants use infrasound, and seismic communication over long distances. Elephant intelligence has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans. They appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind.

    African elephants are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), while the Asian elephant is classed as endangered. One of the biggest threats to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached for their ivory tusks. Other threats to wild elephants include habitat destruction and conflicts with local people. Elephants are used as working animals in Asia. In the past they were used in war; today, they are often put on display in zoos and circuses. Elephants are highly recognisable and have been featured in art, folklore, religion, literature and popular culture. Ref: Wikipedia



    Should Victoria cull and process kangaroos?





    Sent by Lisa: PLEASE VOTE NO in the following Weekly Times poll over a commercial kangaroo industry entering Victoria.
    Please share and forward to as many people as possible,

    thank you


    POLL LINK – http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/opinion/index.html

    Sent by Lisa: Please leave a comment on this article, David O’Brien is deluded in my opinion!



    You can leave a comment on this link to this fictional article by clicking on the link: http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/article/2013/02/26/561508_latest-news.html


    Photos: NORA PRESTON

    I attended the Molonglo River Park/Coombs Riverside design workshop on 20/2/13 reminding everyone that they were in breach of the EPBC Act 1999/NES plan.  Please click on this link to view WCG Submission on the EPBC Act 1999/NES Plan:  https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/wildlife-carers-group-submission-for-molonglo-and-north-weston-developments/.  I spoke with Shane Rattenbury TAMS minister later that day at a separate Conservation Council meeting reminding him of the Wildlife Carers Group submission on this matter that was handed to him at a Council meeting prior to the elections in 2012, and requested a response and confirmation that these developments have been scrapped. I further sent a follow up email on 25/2/13 to Shane Rattenbury requesting his response and confirmation that the Molonglo and North Weston developments have been permanently stopped. I have not yet received an acknowledgement or response to the email.


    I attended the Conservation Council community forum on 20/2/13 and spoke with Shane Rattenbury on the matter of the Cypress trees being removed in the old Weston CIT site without any consultation and requested an explanation. I further sent a follow up email on 25/2/13 requesting an explanation to which I have not received an acknowledgement or response to.

    I also raised the unlawful entry and theft of my wildlife on 10/8/12 https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/wildlife-carers-group-news-work-experience-student-rspca-cruelty-more-live-export-animal-cruelty-28912/ and again demanded a public apology and the return of my wildlife alive and asked him where they were. I also reminded him of the small part of the damages bill that I have already sent and asked for that immediate payment and that I was defamed publicly with vicious lies not once but twice by TAMS, also in 2007/2008 in the attempt to destroy my reputation, and expect compensation for damages, defamation, vicious harassment, unlawful entry and theft. I have been demanding that all staff involved in the unlawful entry and theft of my wildlife be permanently banned and terminated from their jobs for abusing their jobs and taxpayers money to run a smear campaign against me. I sent a follow up email on 25/2/13 requesting the same to which I have not received an acknowledgement or response to.

    I discussed the Kangaroos and to end the violent unlawful killing, to amend the Acts and Policies that govern the unlawful violent killing according to Wildlife Carers Group submissions, and to amend our licence, etc. I sent a follow up email on 25/2/13 requesting the same to which I have not received an acknowledgement or response to.

    I have been busy taking legal action, typing up submissions, including for judicial improvements, strengthening the Human Rights Act that expired in January 2013, attending meetings, and emailing letters to assist in ending violent kangaroo killings in other states, to prevent the kangaroo commercial industry from starting up in other states, saving our marinelife and their habitat, to assist to stop the coal seam gas, which we have had some success in, with the Environment Minister Tony Burke introducing legislation in parliament on 13/3/13, including strict federal conditions on the coal seam gas proposals on their impact on our water tables. The list goes on of all of the rest of my hard work on other matters as well, some of which that may be seen on Facebook and Twitter.

    To read the full report and the President’s Report please click on this link:


    1. Please help us make a difference and sign this petition as individuals and circulate through facebook, twitter, your own website etc that will not only help stop violent Kangaroo killing but will also help to stop the development on the 2008 Kangaroo killing fields on the bnts site to encourage the government to turn the site and the surrounding areas into Wildlife Carers Group proposed Memorial Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-all-the-kangaroos.html

    Can you also take a moment to sign and share these petitions with others as well including your own websites etc? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/chief-tams-minister-stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos, and http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos.


    There can be no discrimination against our native wildlife, all native wildlife are precious to our Eco system, in assisting to maintain a healthy well balanced Eco system, and will be protected, and rehabilitated equally.

    Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group with long term expertise and knowledge in our native wildlife, that will act on, and investigate animal cruelty/welfare/rights, and, as a community group, that also cares about our community, and the rights of our community groups.

    Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group helping to keep our state and country out of deficit, with no government funding, run solely by volunteers, that is keeping you in a job.

    Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group that trains work experience students.

    Wildlife Carers Group is the only ACT body that enforces the wildlife protection laws.It is unlawful to kill or harm protected native wildlife.

    NORA PRESTON (began rehabilitating wildlife in the early ’80′s.)

    Founding President
    WCG – WILDLIFE CARERS GROUP INC. –Founded in 2004.
    PO Box 3509

    Mobile: 0406 056 099

    Email: wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au




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    17 March 2013

    Support WCG. WCG is an independent, non profit, non government community based charity providing animal/wildlife care, rescue/rehabilitation

    and is also an animal/wildlife welfare group, providing protection for our wildlife/animals, run solely by volunteers, with no government funding, saving taxpayers money. WCG relies on donations from the public in order to carry out its work. If you would like to make a donation to WCG, please send a cheque/money order made payable to Wildlife Carers Group Inc. To PO Box 3509 , Weston Creek. ACT. 2611. AUSTRALIA . Or contact us by email wildlife_carers_group@yahoo.com.au
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    Aims and Objectives: To promote the general welfare and continued survival of native fauna and flora as an essential element of the environment, and specifically to undertake the specialised care necessary for the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick and injured native birds and other animals, to promote public awareness of the need to conserve existing wildlife species, and an understanding of their particular habitat and feeding requirements.

    Support WCG. Become a WCG MEMBER, VOLUNTEER, WILDLIFE CARER, download the m/ship form from http://wcg.awardspace.com/

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    1. Please help us make a difference and sign this petition as individuals and circulate through facebook, twitter, your own website etc that will not only help stop violent Kangaroo killing but will also help to stop the development on the 2008 Kangaroo killing fields on the bnts site to encourage the government to turn the site and the surrounding areas into Wildlife Carers Group proposed Memorial Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-all-the-kangaroos.html

    Can you also take a moment to sign and share these petitions with others as well including your own websites etc? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/chief-tams-minister-stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos, and http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-the-unlawful-violent-killing-of-protected-native-kangaroos.

    To see Wildlife Carers Group report and review of the documentary’Kangaroo Mob’ please click on these links:


    Published in theTasmanian Times please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-attends-premiere-screening-/

    To view the amendments and Draft ACT Pest Animal Management Strategy 2011-2021 please click or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/amendments-darting-currawongs-rspca-draft-act-pest-animal-management-strategy-2011-2021/

    To see Wildlife Carers Group full 5-day report, of the training with the work experience student, Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, results: contaminated, etc Please click on this link https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/wildlife-carers-group-wcg-visit-to-callum-brae-nature-reserve-etc-full-5-day-work-experience-student-wes-placement-report-trained-by-wcg-founding-president-nora-preston-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

    To see Wildlife Carers Group Kangaroo Meat Testing, click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/wildlife-carers-group-kangaroo-meat-testing-%e2%80%93-5-day-work-experience-student-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

    ‘KANGAROOS AND DISEASES’, https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/kangaroos-and-diseases-notes-for-5-day-wes-4-8-july-2011/?sn=l

    This species maintains a healthy, well balanced eco system.

    In this article, interviewed on 15/4/10, http://www.nowuc.com.au/2010/05/27/kangaroo-plan%E2%80%A6/comment-page-1/(this page may now be closed to leave space for UC new students interviews)
    don fletcher from tams says that kangaroos are not the main problem and in fact ‘native grasses’ are not threatened with extinction, but other animals and plants are, and that “the biggest ‘contributor’ to the loss of the natural treeless grasslands of our region has been agriculture (by far)”.

    This statement is admitting to the flawed, dishonest kangaroo management plan, and russell watkinson’s media release, on Friday 18/6/10, that blames the kangaroos for driving legless lizards, earless dragons, etc, and the deteriorating grasslands and woodlands to extinction, by eating all the grasses, when fletcher admits that the native grasses are not threatened by the kangaroos, but by human activity, including toxic sprays.

    Please check out this link: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx
    that was in the Canberra times on 17/10/09, that completely refutes the allegations against the roos destroying grasslands, that was sent to maxine cooper, that were also ignored.

    The report is by Julie Lindner, who has also been studying the grasslands and the roos for the past 20 years, which backs up what I’ve been saying all along.

    http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/roo-best-custodian-for-some-plants/1652005.aspx , with a more recent article in the Chronicle in the’letters to the editor’ section titled ‘culling controversy’ p.23, 14/6/11.

    Please click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUZrKj6ClBg

    ‘KANGAROO CHILLER BOX INVESTIGATION’/’KANGAROOS ON TRACK TO EXTINCTION’,that contains the cruel bashing to death of roos that are shot, but not directly killed, hung up while still alive, and left suffering, trembling as they hang, tortured to death, and joeys bashed to death, possibly attempting to decapitate the joeys head on the back of the truck with several blows.

    Please click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn3c8EcNRk&feature=related

    SEE the so called controlled government butchering, you will note that the kangaroos are still alive when hung up, suffering, AND BEING TORTURED TO DEATH, the male is laughing at the cruelty he has just inflicted on this kangaroo, a joey stomped to death, even the child stomps on it as he walks past following his father, orphaned joeys hopping around, left to starve to death, a joey bashed till its eyes popped out, but is still alive, suffering, a prolonged death, and the male admitting that these are protected species. Native protected animals called pests, the very same native animals that maintain a healthy well balanced eco system. The code of practice that the shooter refers to is inhumane, and unacceptable, as witnessed in this video footage. Kangaroos are not fit for human or dog consumption, heavily contaminated with various diseases/harmful bacterias, e.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasmosis, preserved illegally with sulphur dioxide that causes thiamine deficiency, (a white crystalline solid forming part of the vitamin B complex, C12H17CIN4OS; a vitamin (B1), required by the nervous system, absence of which causes beri-beri and other disorders),causing death, intake of pesticide spraying to control locusts, etc. Keep watching till it stops, keep an eye on the timer, next to the speaker symbol, length 10:59.

    There are more links on youtube to show the facts on the extreme cruelty committed to our native protected macropods.

    Possum abattoir


    Possum Abattoir– Lenah Game Meats, Tasmania —EngageMedia

    These animals are still alive and awake, when going through the abattoir’s chute processing system, dropped on top of one another, through a swinging door, to go through to the next phase, with several possums piled on top of one another, into the same boxes, when delivered to the abattoir, (possums are extremely territorial,) females with joeys, butchered, and bashed to death. Please Help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty and export.

    You can help stop these extreme acts of animal cruelty to these possums by adding the above link to the possum abattoir and lodging your submissions by 23/4/10, to wta@environment.gov.au

    and click on link

    Submissions are now closed. This species maintains a healthy well balanced eco system.

    To see the full report on Wildlife Carers Group possum rescue, possum boxes and investigating dog neglect, please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/wildlife-carers-group-possum-rescue-and-investigating-dog-crueltyneglect-reported-to-us-19212/


    Following Wildlife Carers Group Investigation and Report on the Fraser Island Dingoes, on 29/8/11, on 5/9/11, the Liberal National Party (LNP) has committed to ensuring the long term survival of the Fraser Island Dingoes, click this link to read the LNP’s commitments: http://www.lnp.org.au/policies/queenslands-precious-wildlife-the-fraser-island-dingo

    Please click this link to view Wildlife Carers Group follow up on Fraser Island Dingoes Driven to Extinction Report: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/fraser-island-dingoes-driven-to-extinction/?sn=l


    Terminating the rangers from their jobs, who are responsible for the inhumane treatment of dingoes on Fraser Island , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSSaknF6Wnw&feature=youtu.be
    who are starving them to death, mismanaging them, mistreating them, will prevent driving these spectacular native wildlife species to extinction, and help end acts of animal cruelty. Changing the Qld government legislation and constitution, to humanely conserve this species, and their habitat. Erecting GIVE WAY to DINGOES/WILDLIFE Signs. We can see their marine life up and down the Qld coast, however, the only unique sighting that Fraser Island can boast about, and can offer to the tourists, is the pure breed native Dingoes, once the last 90 odd Dingoes, population estimation as of 28-29 August 2011, (since the mismanaged Fraser Island fire by the Qld government, this Dingo population has more than likely dropped dramatically), that are left on the Island are driven to extinction, through arrogance, mismanagement and mistreatment, Fraser Island will have nothing left to offer to the huge tourist trade it currently holds, which will end Fraser Island tourism. This species maintains a healthy well balanced ecosystem.

    To read Wildlife Carers Group report on WILDLIFE CARERS GROUP VISIT TO TASMANIA in the Tasmanian Times, please click on this link, http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/wildlife-carers-group-visit-to-tasmania/

    Wildlife Carers Group report on our visit to Tasmania can be seen on this link:

    To read Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty and removing the fish hook, and in the Tasmanian Times please click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:


    Wildlife Carers Group report on Tortoise cruelty was published in the Tasmanian Times, to read it please click on this link: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/cruelty-to-a-long-necked-tortoise/

    For further information on snakes, identification, tips, first aid please click on this link: https://wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/snakes-information-identification-tips-first-aid-notes-for-wes-4-8-july-2011/


    Disclaimer: WCG and the author do not assume or accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the accuracy or appropriate application of the information contained in this letter/email.

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